All Things are Possible

Taijun Waters

Spoken Word Artist & Creative




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Who is Taijun Waters?

I’m Taijun, pronounced “Tay-zuhn”, a man shaped by my faith, blackness, and life experiences. I was raised as an only child by my mother and grandparents in Chicago.   

I’m a man led by passion and the need to impact the world around me where it matters - in the heart. I grew up as a fan of hip-hop wanting to be like Tupac, Kanye, and Jay-Z. I have always been a writer, but didn’t ramp up until I got into college. At that time - I was a film major. My passion has always been to make impactful poetry, music, and film to let the loner know they are not alone; comfort the hurting heart; challenge the thoughts of the comfortable; and re-introduce God as the friend who sticks closer than a brother in all areas of life.

Purpose… like, what’s your “why”?

When I read or hear a good poem there’s something about it that makes me feel understood or enlightened on someone else’s perspective. There are not many places masses can go to feel understood, vulnerable, and - yet joyful. My poetry, my art, and speaking has served as a safe place - to feel good in the skin God has given us, re-align our purpose, and learn from our broken places.

What is your mission?

To inspire and to challenge all to serve themselves, others, and God emotionally and spiritually well - especially men & boys.

Vintage - Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon?

Nickelodeon all day. C’mon… SpongeBob, CatDog, iCarly, Rugrats - not to be reckoned with.